Build the Effectiveness of First-Time Supervisors

The skills of the success of a supervisor are different from those when we are individual contributors. The New Supervisor helps people who have been individual contributors make this transition.

This course provides fundamental skills to help new supervisors be effective and to achieve more through their teams. They will learn how to assess team member capability and performance, set objectives, key result areas and key performance indicators.

Participants will learn how to delegate, influence and motivate their teams. And, they will learn how to juggle their tasks in a time effective manner.


At the end of the programme, you will:

  • Use questionnaires to define an objective view of capability and performance
  • Use SMART objectives setting tool to formulate key results areas and Key Performance Indicators
  • Practice delegation skills
  • Practice using different levels of authority
  • Assess how to engage people and their motivation
  • Manage time better.

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