Guide and Coach to High Performance

Coaching is about facilitating self-directed learning and development. This course examines the fundamental skills that anyone who wants to become a coach needs to aid the development of themselves and others.

Being able to excel in a skill you are passionate about is extremely rewarding. When you see the impact on the achievements of others,  attained through your positive coaching conversations, this has a direct correlation on  your own sense of well-being and value. The skill sets of an expert coach make a significant contribution to the development of others and the performance improvement within your organisation.


At the end of the programme, you will:

  • Clarify how coaching differs to other closely related disciplines i.e. mentoring and counseling
  • Identify what it can and cannot be used for
  • Acquire and practice using a valuable new coaching tool that can be used in any coaching context
  • Gain insights into style and practice listening, observation and feedback skills
  • Receive coaching on real work-related issues
  • Explore the significance of the role of the coachee, the reaction of the coach to the coachee and the role of commitment and motivation in the process
  • Identify options for handling these issues and use a tool for increasing motivation

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