Inspire and motivate teams to achieve more

2022 Training Industry Leadership Training Watch List

Great leaders deliver results. They know how to organise, motivate and inspire their teams to deliver results. They provide vision, instill confidence and sweep away obstacles that may get in the way. However, great leadership isn’t something that happens by chance. It’s a continuous journey requiring the ongoing honing of the unique skills needed to really succeed.

Tack TMI’s Leadership and Management Solutions address a comprehensive range of development needs to help newly appointed managers and experienced leaders master the complex range of skills necessary to build high performing teams and excel in today’s complex business landscape. These include: Decision Making, Problem Solving, Managing Time, Motivating Employees, Working Under Pressure, Strategic Thinking, Delegating, Influencing, Coaching, Performance Management and more.

Leadership and Management Development Solutions

All Leadership and Management Development Solutions can be tailored to your business and designed specifically for your people and your organisation. We also offer a selection of our Leadership and Management Development Solutions as open courses that provide an ideal learning environment for individual or small numbers of employees to focus on acquiring the skills they need to be successful.

So whether enhancing individual performance or transforming business performance we have an option to suit you. Contact us for our full range of Leadership and Management Development Solutions or to discuss bespoke learning solutions.

Delivering Results

Whether you are looking to provide those fresh into sales with a solid foundation on which to grow, hone existing techniques of experienced sales teams or develop specialist skills, our BEFORE, DURING and AFTER approach ensures you receive the right interventions tailored to the needs of your people and your business.