Master Your Sales Team Management Skills

The quality and performance of sales teams depend on the quality of their sales managers. The more competitive your market, the more critical that quality becomes – Sales Managers must generate revenue and profit through their sales teams.

To meet challenging sales targets, they must be able to establish Key Performance Indicators for their team and then manage performance consistently.

This interactive follow-on course further develops your skills, enabling you to forecast future sales, plan future operations, introduce change and work with your team to successfully fulfil your role. This 3 day programme provides a safe environment for the advanced management skills to be learned, practised and perfected, ready for immediate implementation back in the field.



  • Motivate your team, focussing on their strengths to achieve results
  • Coach your team for optimum performance
  • Use a clear business plan for developing, forecasting and measuring business
  • Confidently prepare and deliver productive and motivational sales meetings
  • Use tools to identify, measure and analyse team activity aligned to core business objectives.

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