Learn How to Deal With Change at a Personal Level

Change is not always welcomed by everyone. Sometimes the benefits of change may not be immediately apparent, or people have difficulty implementing changes made into their existing reality.

When any changes made seem to take people far from their current position the impact can be stressful and require constant support.

Participants will learn to recognise their own reactions to change and modify them as appropriate. They will identify the 4 phases of change and determine the behaviours and reactions to change in each of the 4 phases, and then will work on constructive behaviours that will support people as they experience different types of change.


At the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Implement any change process successfully, based on an understanding of the dynamics of change involved
  • Relate to change on a personal level and assess its impact
  • Recognise reactions to change in practice
  • Manage behaviours and attitudes in a change process

Plan individual actions that will help the transition from one phase to another.

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