Equipping Employees for Transformation: Empowering Growth and Adaptability

Welcome to the forefront of change! In today’s fast-paced world, the need for business transformation and upskilling has become more pressing than ever. According to the recent Asia Pacific Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey 2023 conducted by PwC, the findings are nothing short of eye-opening. The survey, which encompassed 19,500 employees across the region, presents employers with compelling takeaways that demand immediate action for successful transformation.

One glaring statistic from the report is that 39% of employees believe their company is unlikely to survive more than 10 years if they continue on their current path. This alarming figure underscores the urgency for organisations to focus on transformative strategies to secure their future in a highly competitive market. As job satisfaction remains steady at 57% with significant variations across Asia Pacific, employers must address this crucial aspect to retain and motivate their workforce effectively.

In light of the impending changes in job skills over the next 5 years, as indicated by 44% of Asia Pacific respondents, it becomes imperative for employers to invest in developing human skills like collaboration (67%), adaptability (69%), and critical thinking (66%).

“Whereas in Malaysia a higher percentage responded that collaboration, leadership, and critical thinking skills (74%, 75%, and 78%, respectively) were the critical need.”

Technical skills, though valuable, are seen as less important compared to these essential human skills. Additionally, tapping into the existing workforce more effectively is crucial, as many employees feel their skills are underutilised currently. By aligning roles and opportunities to individual skills and aspirations, employers can unlock the full potential of their workforce for transformative success.

Furthermore, building leadership capability in driving transformation in a human-centered, inclusive manner is essential. Empathetic and inclusive leadership creates a supportive environment where employees feel valued and heard, fostering trust and loyalty. By prioritising human skills development and empowering leaders to drive transformation, organisations can navigate the path of change with confidence and resilience, ensuring lasting success in today’s ever-evolving business landscape.


In this in-depth exploration, we examine the report’s crucial discoveries, illuminating the obstacles employers encounter and the pivotal importance of human skills in driving successful transformations. The survey has revealed significant human skills gaps that hinder organisational progress. These challenges encompass the lack of innovation, a reluctance to take risks, and limited opportunities for open and constructive debates. Addressing these gaps is essential for fostering a culture that empowers transformation.

To drive successful transformations, organisations must proactively address these gaps. This requires embracing a culture of innovation that fosters creativity, nurturing the art of risk-taking to encourage bold decisions, and encouraging constructive debates that lead to innovative solutions. By focusing on these key aspects, businesses can unlock their true transformational capabilities and position themselves at the forefront of the evolving business landscape.

Image Banner_Embracing a Culture of Innovation - Culture Change and People Management
Embracing a Culture of Innovation

Developing a culture that encourages innovation is essential for successful transformation. Soft skills training can play a vital role in fostering creativity, inspiring new ideas, and cultivating an environment where innovation thrives.

Image Banner_Nurturing the Art of Risk-Taking - Empathetic leadership fosters an inclusive and supportive environment.
Nurturing the Art of Risk-Taking

Risk-taking is a fundamental aspect of any transformation journey. Soft skills training empowers employees to embrace calculated risks, leading to breakthroughs and new opportunities for growth.

Image Banner_Encouraging Constructive Debates: Open and constructive debates are instrumental in making informed decisions and finding innovative solutions.
Encouraging Constructive Debates

Open and constructive debates are instrumental in making informed decisions and finding innovative solutions. Soft skills training can facilitate healthy discussions, leading to better outcomes and increased collaboration.

Equipping Employees for Transformation

To drive successful transformations within organisations, it is imperative to equip employees with the essential skills and capabilities needed to embrace change and thrive in dynamic environments. Soft skills training plays a pivotal role in empowering growth and adaptability, enabling employees to navigate through the transformation journey with confidence and resilience. Let’s delve into the key aspects of equipping employees for transformation and explore how soft skills training can pave the way for organisational success.

Image Banner_The Power of Change Management: Effective change management is crucial in guiding employees through periods of transformation.
The Power of Change Management

Effective change management is crucial in guiding employees through periods of transformation. Soft skills training equips employees with the ability to adapt to change and embrace new challenges positively.

Image Banner_The Role of Empathy in Leadership - Empathetic leadership fosters an inclusive and supportive environment.
The Role of Empathy in Leadership

Empathetic leadership fosters an inclusive and supportive environment. Soft skills training enables leaders to connect with their teams, leading to better engagement and commitment during times of change.

Cultivating a Feedback Culture

In a feedback-rich environment, employees feel empowered to share ideas and insights openly, leading to the discovery of new solutions and opportunities for growth. Soft skills training empowers employees to give and receive feedback constructively, creating a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.


At Tack TMI, our comprehensive and tailored training programmes are designed to equip your workforce with the essential tools and capabilities needed to drive successful transformations. Whether you seek to elevate your sales team’s performance, cultivate a customer-centric culture, inspire visionary leaders, unlock individual potential, embrace change with confidence, or prioritise employee well-being, our training programmes are here to meet your specific needs.

We take pride in our status as an HRD Corp Certified Training Provider since 2006, a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality training solutions that adhere to industry standards and exceed expectations. With Tack TMI as your training partner, your organisation will gain a competitive edge, foster an agile and innovative workforce, and be prepared to face any challenges that the future may bring. Don’t just take our word for it. Visit our case study (both global and local) pages to understand how we work synergistically with our clients to deliver optimal results through our customised training programmes.

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