Inspire action and performance through a shared vision and plan

It is important for leaders to have a vision for the future of the organisation, their division or their department.

And yet a vision is not enough to create movement or significant change in a company. Leaders need to enlist the support of team members. They cannot command commitment – they can only inspire it. And people do not follow until they accept a vision as their own.  This course helps them to achieve this.

In addition, the workshop teaches participants how to design a collaborative Operational Master Plan that has buy-in and involvement from the whole team.


At the end of the programme, you will:

  • Design a collaborative operational master plan aligned to strategic goals for individual and team objectives
  • Implement a ‘vision toolkit’ to cascade to the whole team back in the workplace
  • Speak with passion about the shared vision
  • Motivate the team to work together to implement the team’s vision
  • Inspire others to have a common purpose and direction.

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