Fundamental Awareness and Skills for Managers to Successfully Initiate Change

Everyone at all levels in the organisation has to be ‘change aware’ and ‘change ready’. This has implications for how we manage, lead, implement and communicate about change(s) to be embarked upon.

An understanding of the process people experience when changes are made (and need to reconcile with) need to be explained and recognised for the new reality to be implemented effectively and successfully by Leaders and change agents.

This course will equip participants with awareness and skills to communicate the benefits of change, manage reactions to change, overcome resistance and lead teams through change.


At the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Successfully employ the benefits of change as it occurs within the organisation
  • Leverage opportunities as they arise from the change
  • Diagnose a situation and build plans to manage reactions and attitudes to the planned change
  • Effectively lead the team through change, managing any resistance and motivating people to cooperate and achieve success.

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