The key question in the minds of most emerging leaders out there is, what are the key transitions I need to make in order to be a more people-focused and results-driven emerging leader? Having walked through the journey of an emerging leader myself, here are the 3 key transitions one needs to embrace to be an effective emerging leader.


1)  Transition in Mindset

The new reality is, you are no longer an Individual Contributor (IC). Henceforth, shifting from an Individual Contributor (IC) mindset to an Emerging Leaders mindset is critical. It means thinking less about ourselves and more about the team that we are managing and leading. Here’s a useful tip, a good leader often thinks about the team’s needs and wellbeing first rather than himself. As they say, the team is the shadow of its leader. When your team achieves success, a good leader says we did it together. And when don’t do as well, the leader takes responsibility. And When you get this shift in mindset right, your chances of success are high.


2) Transition in Skillset

Once we have embraced the right mindset, we need to adopt the right set of competence to manage and lead a team. Equipping ourselves with key managerial skills became a high priority. Knowing how to delegate, coach, giving feedback, and lead with empathy were some important competence I personally needed to learn. My level of competence rose through trial and error and plenty of feedback from the ground As they say, there is no such thing as failure only feedback. Learning how to use my authority responsibly and flexibly was equally critical in my own development as an emerging leader. I still remember, In the Personal Emotional Quotient Assessment (PEQM) I did in Tack TMI 13 years ago, one key developmental area was to control my impulse and listen more to my team. And with practice and guidance, this has become a key development priority for me. Let’s just say, for now, it is still a work in progress for me!


3) Transition in Behaviour

We all know that learning is the first step. Applying what we have learned and continuously improving it along the way is the key to our transition in behaviour as an emerging leader. A useful tip here is to run a formal 180 degree or 360 feedback process. Then pick a couple of key skills that you plan to work on for the next 100 days and have a clear set of outcomes/strategies for what success will look and feel like for you. Approaching your immediate manager for coaching and support would be useful. Then get constructive feedback along with what Dr. Marshall Goldsmith calls ‘feedforward’ from your direct reports and immediate manager on those specific behaviors you are working on. Trust me, at the end of this 100-day process, you would notice a shift in how you think-feel and act!
Being an effective and responsible emerging leader is a journey that comes from CHOICES…If you choose this path …then you must spend the time, effort, and make the necessary sacrifices to achieve success!
All the best in your journey of becoming a more people-focused and results-driven emerging leader!
Till I meet you again with another article, have a productive week ahead!


Arvind Kumar
Vice-President, Performance Solutions
Tack TMI Malaysia
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