The second interview was with Ramesh Kumar Singam, Managing Director of FedEx Express APAC Global Trade Services.

We as leaders and as organisations have never faced anything like the Covid crisis.


We are learning as we go.


In this series of interviews, senior leaders share their experiences of leading in these times of uncertainty.


We hope that you will gain valuable tips and ideas to help you navigate your organisations and teams in challenging times.


NOTE: These interviews were done within the period of Malaysia’s Movement Control Order from 18 March 2020 until 31 March 2020 via a virtual conference platform. As such, the quality of the audio recording may not be of the highest quality.


Question #1: What impact has COVID had on your company?


Question #2:  What sort of adjustments have you made to your leadership style during this time?


Question #3: What are the things that should change in conducting virtual meetings?


Question #4: From your experience during these times, what are the most important things leaders need to focus on to keep managing fear/morale/motivation?


Question #5: How do you keep your employees informed during this time?


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