27 November 2023


In collaboration with CelcomDigi, Tack TMI took centre stage on 22 November 2023 at the CelcomDigi Tower for the much-anticipated Learning Day 2023. Themed “Learning Towards Telco Tech,” the event aimed to provide CelcomDigi’s dedicated staff, affectionately known as CDzens, with insights into the array of learning programmes available from their preferred vendors, including Tack TMI.

Learning Day 2023 stood as a testament to CelcomDigi’s commitment to upskilling its workforce, ensuring they are well-equipped for the fast-evolving landscape of the telecommunications industry. The event provided CDzens with a unique opportunity to explore diverse learning avenues and discover how to future-proof their skills.

As one of CelcomDigi’s preferred vendors, Tack TMI played a pivotal role in the event, offering a comprehensive showcase of learning skills and programmes. The Tack TMI team was on-site, engaging with CDzens and shedding light on the wealth of programmes available to enhance their professional development.

CelcomDigi, in alignment with its forward-thinking approach, also identified crucial future skills for CDzens. These skills include creative thinking, analytical thinking, resilience, flexibility and agility, motivation and self-awareness, leadership, empathy, and active listening. Tack TMI echoed this commitment to future-ready skills, showcasing specialised training programmes designed to meet these identified needs.

Tack TMI was given the opportunity to run a mini-workshop for CDZens on “Empowering Innovation with a Growth Mindset”. The objective was to cultivate creative problem-solving and ideation while exploring seamless integration of innovations to yield impactful solutions.

Tack TMI has held the esteemed status of being an HRD Corp Certified Training Provider since 2006. As part of this certification, all of our programmes are HRD Corp claimable, reinforcing our commitment to providing high-quality, industry-relevant training.

The Tack TMI booth buzzed with energy as CDzens explored engaging digital interactive activities, participated in informative training programme briefings, and entered enticing lucky draws. The interactive activities served as a hands-on introduction to the diverse learning experiences that Tack TMI offers.

Learning Day 2023 at CelcomDigi Tower was a resounding success, fostering an environment of collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and empowerment. Tack TMI looks forward to continuing this partnership, contributing to the ongoing success of CelcomDigi and the professional development of its workforce.

Find out more about Tack TMI’s HRDC Claimable Training Programmes.

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