TACK to thrive and reach performance excellence.

TACK International is a world leading provider of learning and development solutions that make an impact and deliver real value.

TACK to thrive and reach performance excellence.

TACK International is a world leading provider of learning and development solutions that make an impact and deliver real value.

We believe in people. In their ability to learn, grow and excel.

And our business is to equip individuals, at all levels, in any organisation, anywhere in the world with the essential skills, know-how and confidence to achieve.

• We help drive your sales results.

• We help your Leaders and Managers execute strategy.

• We help your people be the best that they can be.

TMI helps organisations transform.

TMI empower and inspire people to change by making the key connection between heart and mind.

We help your people to delight your customers at every touch point.

We help your Leaders and Managers to become emotionally intelligent role models who their people willingly follow.

We take your team members on an unforgettable learning journeythat changes their perspectives and their behaviours, making a difference both in work – and in life.

We help create cultures that cultivate engagement, opportunity, customer centricity, growth and ambition.

Our History

TACK & TMI Switzerland was born from the partnership between
GI Group, one of the top 10 professional services company in the world and Interiman Group, the leader in staffing and HR solutions
in Switzerland.

Thanks to our strong and successful presence on the Swiss market for over 20 years, we built a strong level of trust and expertise
for understanding our customers’ needs and providing the right diagnostics and solutions for them.


Why choose us?

As a Global leader in the professional learning and training industry we are present in 55+ countries and able to deliver trainings in more than 35 different languages.

Our flexibility and consulting approach allow us to fully customize our trainings to adapt them to our customer needs and offer tailor made solutions.

Experts in the FMCG, Retail, Automotive, Telecommunication, Financial & Professional Services, Tourism & Airline industries with large scale accounts case studies around the globe.

We are chosen for our unique ability to inspire and enable people and organisations to release their true potential and achieve tangible results.

The Network

Passionate about making a difference, the TACK & TMI Network has a long-standing ‘family’ bond, shared values and a core and common belief in the potential of individuals.

Furthermore, TACK & TMI is part of Gi Group – the major multi-national staffing firm offering a wide range of HR related services.
TACK & TMI represents the group’s specialist Learning and Development practice.

To learn more about Gi Group, visit the website at www.gigroup.com.



The most important aspect of working with TACK & TMI has been a true company who is a true partner.
I have never worked with an external company who has invested so much into the TACK-TMI team on our company knowledge to ensure true understanding when creating or delivering content

Robert Paquin
Head of Global Knowledge and Competence Management, Nestlè



We only work with a few carefully selected L&D partners and TACK & TMI has more than earned its place by the exceptional results achieved through individual workshops.

Jackie Taylor
HR Director, Toshiba



What we love about TACK & TMI is that they have all the fundamental requirements we need from a great training provider. They have great content, they execute well and they have exceptional trainers. More than that, their drive, enthusiasm, knowledge of our company, competitors and markets has meant they have developed a customer intimacy that has delivered real value to our organisation.
I am amazed to hear a consultant talk about my firm with a passion, knowledge and conviction I would only expect from a fellow employee. The Sales Academy TACK & TMI has developed is deeply embedded in our organisation and we look forward to a continuing partnership

Mark Siviter
Managing Director, DHL Global Mail

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