Date: 26th January 2022


We are pleased and proud to announce that our CEO, George Aveling, has been appointed as Adjunct Professor, of Education and Leadership at the UNITAR International University Graduate School of Management. George was selected, from among a number of prominent, influential and experienced industry experts, due to his vast experience in the Malaysian training and consulting industry.

George’s appointment is in line with UNITAR’s efforts to ensure its graduates’ employability in the job market. A recent survey conducted by Express Employment Professionals highlighted that due to the pandemic, one of the biggest challenges when hiring potential candidates is their lack of soft skills.

Graduates who are willing to learn, self-driven, critical thinkers, problem solvers, effective and empathetic communicators and agile enough to adapt to a highly competitive work environment are highly in demand. It is especially essential for employees who are customer-facing to have higher “EQ” – to be more in touch with their emotions, insights and “inner knowing”. These soft skills may be even more highly sought after by some organisations than the standard qualifications.

Having been in the learning and development and customer services industry for over 15 years, George has consistently been advocating the importance of soft skills that help individuals, teams and organisations to be more effective.  His vast experience with various industry leaders gives him the insight to know precisely what it is that employers look for in a potential candidate.

In the last 5 years, George has been driving the research into digital transformation in the workplace. His appointment as Adjunct Professor will allow the graduates of UNITAR to access practical experience and insights in the fields of digital learning and transformation, leadership and change. Their ability to tap into the goldmine of George’s vast and diverse experience will empower and greatly increase their chances of being snatched up by potential employers.

George reveals: “I am honoured to be appointed by UNITAR International University. I see this as my opportunity to assist UNITAR to build quality graduates as a part of Malaysia’s nation-building efforts. We have been involved in major projects in the leadership, change management and service culture space in Malaysia. This will give me an opportunity to share practical lessons, learned from the University of Life.”

The pandemic has also SHIFTed the way businesses are being conducted and the massive adoption rate on using cloud-based productivity platforms. Furthermore, the 5G network rollout will further enhance the way businesses are run, as well as the way everyone works.

Together with the CEO of Tack TMI Malaysia, a firm believer and advocate on improving employees’ soft skills, Tack TMI is on a mission to guide companies through this turbulent and unprecedented time. We have been on high gear to design innovative and engaging virtual training programmes that can be run as stand-alone virtual sessions or as a hybrid to complement the conventional face-to-face training. Artificial intelligence and digital learning platforms are achieving learning transfers in much shorter timeframes which face-to-face methodology could not achieve on its own.


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